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Microsoft Word 2016

Microsoft Word 2016

Microsoft's latest and greatest, with huge compatibility improvements

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  • Mhadjou Youssouf

    by Mhadjou Youssouf

    it is very great and make the work brilliant and nice.The design of it it can make the work looks so nice..   More

  • Julius Amozon

    by Julius Amozon

    yes, because this new version of Microsoft word really helps.   More

  • talei finau

    by talei finau

    its fast and very convenient mostly on assignments and tasks..i did recommended it because its one of the favorite fi...   More

  • Christiana Lambouri

    by Christiana Lambouri

    it's amazing...   More

  • Jean Desire Habiyambere

    by Jean Desire Habiyambere

    I better than the last Microsoft words such as word 2013.In this word there is many updated things which help us to d...   More

  • Abel Andrew Dimas

    by Abel Andrew Dimas

    Its the best. easy to use, nice user interface, great features. it is unbeatable..   More

  • Vicky Soriano

    by Vicky Soriano

    It is more accessible.Yes, I will recommend it for better use.   More

  • حسام عبدالله

    by حسام عبدالله

    good application and very usefull good good and ,made me do evry thing.   More

  • niharika agarwal

    by niharika agarwal

    it is really helpful and most of my English assignments are for writing a story or MLA bibliography. in all of this I...   More

  • Diva Vinitha

    by Diva Vinitha

    its is so excellent and its so easy to use for do my college work..   More

  • Zia Rehman

    by Zia Rehman

    Best new approach of Microsoft team to present a software which is highly efficient and fulfill the latest requiremen...   More

  • Salma Akter

    by Salma Akter

    Its not free at all ,just wastage of time to download it...
    Its not free at all...full wastage of time to downlo...   More

  • Gerald David Ntumwa

    by Gerald David Ntumwa

    it is nyc for sure.
    me i think it been the best of all coz it good
    Pros: the plagraphing speed
    Cons: n...   More

  • mrityunjay thakur

    by mrityunjay thakur

    Misleading .
    not free...redirects you to MS Office website-where you need to BUY it. Useless Wastage of time.   More

  • vartul agnihotri

    by vartul agnihotri

    it is useful it has so many features....
    it is very useful... it has so many features good but how to download <...   More

  • by Anonymous

    sehr gut zustemmen.
    gut und sehr gut sober toll aber hjsdfhgdag gtr tr dr zz z z.   More